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Gutter cleaning is one of those necessary, messy home maintenance tasks that most people procrastinate in doing. Climbing a ladder to clear leaves and debris from your gutters or remove a blockage is a time consuming job, especially if you have a 2 story house and hard to reach gutters. Many people don’t know how to clean gutters, so they opt to use a local professional gutter cleaning service. However, whether you hire professional gutter cleaners or choose to DIY, it important to clean your gutters and downspouts regularly.


Why is it important to clean your gutters? Rain water. When it rains outside, the water is very useful to water our lawns, grow our food, replenish our water supply, but that water can also be damaging to our homes if not pointed in the right direction. Gutters are built into our homes to do exactly that: point the water in the right direction. However, if there is an impediment to the water flowing to the downspouts (or the downspout is itself clogged), the stagnant water can have lasting ramifications.


  • Clearing your gutters ensures that water is pushed away from your home’s foundation. The foundation of the house is what is stabilizing your home, so you don’t have to worry about your house sloping or getting cracks in your walls. After a house is built, it takes a little time for the foundation to settle completely in the earth. Once the settling is complete, you don’t want water to inundate the foundation and possibly compromise it’s quality. Gutters act as a conduit to redirect the rainwater away from the foundation of your home to ensure it remains strong.  “As a realtor, I would highly encourage all homeowners not to overlook the importance of keeping their gutters debris free,” shares Konrad Tomaszycki, Realtor at Coldwell Banker in Charlotte, NC. “This basic maintenance will save you a lot of hassle and protect you from high cost of water damage. Not many homeowners connect the clean gutters to healthy foundation, but in fact those might be closely related. Clogged gutters will cause overflow that will result in some foundational water damage.”


  • Regular gutter cleaning protects against wood rot. Most, if not all, homes have wooden fascia boards that are painted or covered with metal or vinyl. Over a period of time, if water continues to run down these boards because the gutters are overflowing, the wood will begin to rot and will need to be replaced, or the gutter that is fastened to this board will no longer hold up well enough to be stable.This is also the case for window frames, as well. The water can run around the window frame and begin to rot out the wood and compromise the quality. Realtor Konrad Tomaszycki shares, “I recently closed the deal where the inspection discovered extensive wood rot in the subbasement from improper gutter maintenance.” Some people unfortunately learn the hard way. In short, saving few dollars on gutter cleaning may cost you thousands down the road and may cause unplanned issues when you try to sell your home.


  • Gutter clearing prevents the gutters from detaching from the home. Leaves, sticks, water and sand from the shingles begin to accrue in the gutter over a period of time – depending on the season and what surrounds your home (e.g. trees), and they become very weighty on the gutter. What appears to weigh very little, becomes pounds and pounds of weight per yard that can cause your gutter to detach from the house. This is because the screws and nails that hold up the gutter start to slowly slip out due to the weightiness of the gutter. This is a safety hazard for home owners and can be costly to repair.


  • Gutter cleaning prevents stains on your home’s exterior. The exterior of your home is made up of brick, vinyl, stucco or wood – all of which can be pleasing to those passing by. However, if you have a gutter that is overflowing, overtime, the water will create nasty streaks down the exterior of the home that may not come out from pressure washing, because it’s embedded in the material itself.


  • Gutter cleaning promotes curb appeal. Curb appeal is what makes our house attractive to our neighbors, friends, and everyone else. Having gutters that are full can be very conspicuous and unpleasant to the eye. The leaves begin to hang over, weeds begin to grow like plants, and it makes the exterior of your gutters stained and dirty.


Don’t allow your home to be damaged by neglecting to get your gutters cleaned. How often should you get your gutters cleaned? It is recommended that you get your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. However, you can opt for at least once a year. Some gutters are quite high and hard to reach, so hiring a professional can help make sure your hard-to-reach gutters are emptied and flushed, when needed.


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