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Should you hire a qualified window cleaning professional or should you try to wash the grime off your exterior windows and attempt to clean the windows you can’t reach by yourself? If you are trying to wash your exterior windows from inside, you will find out quickly that calling in a professional window cleaner near you is the best way to handle this much needed home maintenance job, no matter what products you buy to avoid window streaks.


Your windows matter. The cost of buying windows for your home is no small investment. It can be between $10,000 and $40,000 – sometimes more depending on the style and number of windows. So, why not take good care of the windows you already have, so you don’t have to spend a fortune buying new ones? Learn when it’s time to buy new windows, when window cleaning just won’t do.


The Benefits of Getting Your Windows Professionally Cleaned Regularly


  1. Prevents Hard Water Stains on the Glass. One benefit of getting your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis is that a qualified pro will know how to prevent hard water stains on your glass. Frequently, homeowners will water their lawn and/or garden with water from the hose and this water can spray onto the glass without being dried off afterwards. Some homeowners will actually rinse off the window with the hose to get loose dirt off, but this is never a good idea. The water that runs down your house on a rainy day and splashes on your window will collect deposits that can sit on the glass, as well. Over time, the mineral deposits in the water will build up on the glass and create hard water spots on the glass. These spots are not only an eye-sore, but can be time-consuming and expensive to remove. In some cases, it cannot be removed at all. Getting your windows cleaned on a regular basis by a professional can prevent these spots from your windows. We at Agora Window Cleaning, LLC – a professional window cleaning company in Charlotte and the surrounding area, use a purified water system, which allows your windows to dry clean, free from mineral deposits and streak-free!
  2. Positively Affects Your Mood. A dark, dirty home has a way of putting you in a negative mood. A lack of light is makes us humans feel gloomy and melancholy. You cannot wait for the sun to come; when it does, you feel refreshed and happy. Having clean windows will bring more light into your home, leaving you feel refreshed and happy, especially during those cold months, when sitting by a clean window can give you much needed Vitamin D without getting frostbite. This is especially important for people who suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). For those who work from home, windows can serve as a source of beauty – bringing in sunlight and allowing us peer out into a scenic garden. However, filthy windows can feel more like prison bars locking us into our home for 8+ hours. Getting your windows cleaned will make your home brighter and turn it into your sanctuary, not your jail cell.
  3. Helps You Sell Your Home. If you are buying or selling a home clean, windows can be a great selling point. Many realtors will suggest to homeowners looking to put their home on the market to have the windows professionally cleaned. The reason is because clean windows will bring in more light, which both give the appearance of space and make the house look crisp and clean on the interior and exterior of the home. Theo Facinoli, Realtor with On The Move Charlotte shares,  “When listing a house I always encourage my clients to ‘brighten up their place. Natural light is a HUGE selling point for 99% of the Buyers we work with. If a seller can do anything to increase this we strongly recommend that as it will improve their picture, improve the number of people coming through their house and ultimately increase the value of the offers coming in.” In fact, many home descriptions listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) will include “natural light” as a highly sought after home feature. Not only that, but the exterior of the house will be greatly improved when the windows are shiny and clean. On a side note, power washing your house siding, brick, and walkways will also help create an appealing, pristine look.


Why You Should Leave Window Cleaning Up to the Professionals

Cleaning windows can be a very time-consuming process for homeowners. There can be between 12-40 windows  in a home and it can take a copious amount of time to clean them. Not to mention, it can be very dangerous for the homeowner if they have to use high ladders to get to second and third story windows. Professional window cleaners have the right equipment and training to safely get to all the windows and clean them well. Even if the windows are safely accessible, professional window washers possess the right equipment and technique to clean them efficiently. There is the temptation for some to pull out the windex and paper towels and clean the windows, but this only gets loose dirt off and smears the rest of the dirt across the glass.

Professionals, for the interior of the glass, use a squeegee and mop to clean the window which quite literally takes the dirt, smears, and anything else off the glass. For the exterior of the glass, some companies, like Agora Window Cleaning, LLC use a water-fed pole. This method contains a tank filled with resin that purifies the water; a pole is attached to the tank with a brush at the end where the pure water is flowing out. The window professional scrubs the window with the brush, then rinses off the dirt; the water then dries pure on the glass. This method is more efficient, safer and gets the window cleaner than the traditional method.


Should I Pay to Have Our Store Windows Professionally Cleaned or Have My Employees Do It?

Many businesses pay companies to have their windows professionally cleaned, because clean windows give the impression of professionalism, cleanliness, and order. The light that flows through a freshly cleaned window gives the room a cheerful, bright, and welcoming appearance. It tells the customer or consumer that you care about all aspects of your brand and business and about their experience. For example, I visited a large dealership once and noticed the windows desperately needed to be cleaned and I mentioned it to the front desk clerk. She told me that a lot of customers made a fuss about the dirty windows and were unimpressed that the dealership didn’t have them cleaned. If the dealership didn’t take good care of their store, what can we expect from the vehicles that they are selling? Is the merchandise inferior, as well? From the food industry to financial, from small businesses to large, companies know it is well worth the cost to have their windows done by a professional, because the benefits are visible to them. A restaurant with filthy windows may give the impression that cleanliness is not a priority, leaving customers to question the hygiene of the staff preparing the food. Windows are one of the first things that a customer sees when approaching the building. First impressions count. So, counting professionally window cleaning into your company’s budget is well worth the cost. Otherwise, you may not have many more “window shoppers” in the near future.

So, there you have it. Professional window cleaning is worth spending the money if you want the job done well. Make sure that any window cleaner you hire is fully insured. If you live in the Charlotte area, Agora Window Cleaning, LLC is a top-rated professional window washing company that provides free estimates. Call or text us at (704) 698-7941, today!